How could your customer find you if you could hide?



20 Jun, 2018

If you didn’t update your website in last 6 months, you need to do it now. 5 reasons why, you need to update your website right now.

1. Content

Visitors are hungry to read useful contents. They are looking for solution. A modern day life style is a useful solution in real-time. If you can solve the problem in real-time, you will get the business. A new visitor could read your site and would spend 4 to 5 seconds, which is engagement period. If your content could convince visitor, you will get your business.

2. Visual appeal

When people visit your site, they would see the reflection of their problem and solution in you, and your organization. If your site looks professional and is loaded with useful information readers will see you as an authority and expert.

3. Tools and technologies

SEO is a tool. There are many tools that help to increase traffic and grow your business at the end of the day. You have to make sure these updated tools are available and installed in your site. Almost all cases these tools are free n affordable. These tools could bring a lot of leads in your business.

4. Friendly navigation

Think about you are a consumer. When you are visiting someone’s website. What do you expect? So, when we talk about user experience (UX), we are referring to the totality of visitors’ experience with your site—more than just how it looks, UX includes how easy your site is to use, how fast it is, how easy it is to find information and how little friction there is when visitors try to complete whatever action it is they’re trying to complete. You website navigation should focus on nudging the right visitor toward the must-have experience.

5. YouTube & Google Maps

This is not with Face Book; it is with YouTube, where most of us are going for solution. You need to visualize your work through videos and other means. Google maps have so many things to do as well. All these platforms are free, 100% free for advertising, but you need a lot of updated contents.

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