Why small business owners are losing so many customers?



19 Jun, 2018

Why small business owners are losing so many customers?

Before buying any service, I always asked for Google help, say, restaurant nears me. Thus, 97% of consumers research products and services online before buying. And, 100% of time, consumers are motivated by looking at the quality photos & reading the information in business listing. Every day, many photos added by customers and unscrupulous competitors in your listing as well. So, added low qualities photos plus unwanted photos, and improper business listing are the three main reasons that your businesses are not attracted by the customers anymore. You’re losing tons of money! Since, a picture is worth a thousand words so make sure the pictures that are displayed for your business online are telling the right story. Also your business is listed property. Hit the link below why listing is so important.

At Radyan-IT, we are a Texas based IT company, is going to solve this issue. Here is how:

  • Our professional cameramen will go to your business and will take quality photos. If you are far from us, then take photos in your phone and send us those photos.
  • Our designer team will edit your photos & will make a new look.
  • Our expert listing team will post and update your photos & other information in Google and other search engine providers.

Sign up at and get a free consultation. Call for an appointment at 844-466-6343. Your business is our business. We can’t lose customers anymore!