Why do you need a website?



19 Jun, 2018

Why do you need a website?

Before buying any service, I always asked for Google help, say, restaurant nears me. Thus, 97% of consumers research products and services online before buying. And, 100% of time, consumers are motivated by looking at the quality photos & reading the “product information” on the website. In our busy life, we love to do research and this is your website, where the first thing people are seeing. First impression is the last impression. You must have a user friendly website to create and hold that impressions in your customers mind. They want you to have a website.

Your business website is your business – this is you and your brand that includes personality. It helps to become trustworthy amongst customer. When you have a full functional website and with the integration of social media platforms, which helps to keep things pretty uniform across the board. You can offer so many things to your customer without going to them. Or they are coming to you at any cost. Your website is creating a bridge between your customers and you. Website is making you to understand that you’re a legitimate business personality. Website is making you the potential to interact. This is source of contact without buzzing your phone.

In modern days, website is a money-making tool. When you are sleeping or even closing the shop, your website is still doing business for you. It is generating revenue without any intervention. It is creating the possibility to reach your business & service to many parts of the world even. Now days, customers know more than sellers. They will visit your site and make decisions about the quality of service. Customers are reading your reviews, watch your videos, and will do other web validation. Now, if you have a website, created in the 90’s, will immediately tarnish your credibility and make you look like an amateur. You need to constantly update your website along the line. So having a website is not enough though. You need to nurture it like everything you do in your business.

Technology makes business competitive. Your competitor is using technology and you do not. Look at the website that your competitor is using. S/he might not share with you a lot of things, but you could think that s/he is making money because of a web presence. Your competitor is meeting the hungriness of her customers by bringing all of her business information in one place. YouTube does videos really well. Twitter does 140 characters incredibly well. Face Book is an expert at fan engagement. But a website allows you to bring those 3 elements together and even more, such as, you can have unlimited product listed. You can explain the product the best way is possible without hiring any staff even. Virtually, a fully functional website could generate more results than hiring so many salesmen. Your website will make things move for you. So with your website, you can do whatever you want to. Website would have the ability to perform the multiple things at a time.

How would people know that you are serious in your business? Everybody has a website – mostly all businesses have it. While we’ll never advocate that you should do something just because everyone else is doing it, we will say that you will look like you don’t care enough without a site. You’re showing to others that your customers expect you to have a website. This is the only way; you can promote your products and services. Keep in mind that opening a face book business page is not enough for promoting your brand. If you’re a small business owner, you need to realize that a website isn’t an expensive luxury or a frivolous endeavor — it’s an affordable, fundamental tool that every company needs. A website is the anchor for your marketing. Set aside a small budget and you can’t wait to bring your business online.

Radyan Rahave is the founder/CEO of Radyan-IT, which is a Dallas, Texas based IT company, is helping small businesses across the world. You can visit at You can reach to Radyan at