5 Technologies that Small Business Owners Must Consider



26 July, 2018

5 Technologies that Small Business Owners Must Consider

You must need a website. In modern days, website is a money-making tool. When you are sleeping or even closing the shop, your website is still doing business for you. It is generating revenue without any intervention. It is creating the possibility to reach your business & service to many parts of the world even. Your business website is your business – this is you and your brand that includes personality. It helps to become trustworthy amongst customer. When you have a full functional website and with the integration of social media platforms, which helps to keep things pretty uniform across the board. You can offer so many things to your customer without going to them. Or they are coming to you at any cost. Your website is creating a bridge between your customers and you. Website is making you to understand that you’re a legitimate business personality. Plus, website is making you the potential to interact. This would be a source of contact without buzzing your phone.

Things to remember that now days, buyers know more than sellers. They will visit your site and make decisions about the quality of your products & services. Customers are reading your reviews, watch your videos, and will do other web validation. Now, if you have a website, created in the 90’s, will immediately tarnish your credibility and make you look like an amateur. You need to constantly update your website along the line. So having a website is not enough though. You need to nurture it like everything you do in your business. Upload nice images as it worth more. Many apps are available that you can edit images and make it look good! You can post a short video for an upcoming special. Google has some free apps that you can edit video as well. If you want to learn how to edit your video, just YouTube, you will get it.

You must have social media business page. You need to create business page in different platforms like face book business page, G+ page, You Tube Channel, Pinterest, twitter, instagram page etc. When you have a full functional website and with the integration of social media platforms, which helps to keep things pretty uniform across the board. Plus, B2C connection is very important which offers location-based business search and reviews like yelp or Foursquare. Share details about your business (hours, service offer, and appointment link) by creating your business profile. Monitor customer feedback related to your business, and respond to concerns raised in reviews. Consider it free promotion and advertisement (although paid promotions are also available, you do not need to buy it). Keep your information updated, and pay attention to keywords and SEO in crafting descriptions – Yelp listings in particular feature prominently in Google searches for local businesses. You can’t post a link in a review (Yelp with flag those and potentially suspend your profile), but you can develop a reputation for reliable reviews. When you are creating the cover photos for social media business page, please try to match with colors and texts across the platforms; it will carry your brand and recognition.

You must need an app. Our world is getting smaller day by day. Everything is shrinking and is becoming under the grip. Our smart-phones are millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969 when they went to the moon. That’s the year man first set foot on the moon. Let’s pick an example, the iPhone 6 uses Apple-designed 64 bit Cortex A8 ARM architecture composed of approximately 1.6 billion transistors. It operates at 1.4 GHZ and can process instructions at a rate of approximately 1.2 instructions every cycle in each of its 2 cores. That’s 3.36 billion instructions per second. More people are browsing internet through their phones than their desktops as a result, the number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users! Apps have the ability to work faster than websites. So, your customer may want something faster, and easily doable. We’ll write more about app in different article.

You must need a cloud based platform like drop box, one drive, or Google Drive to run your business. Most of the cases, these are free and affordable. You can run your business efficiently; even you are away from your business office. Your clients can drop their files in it. Or you can share your files with them without hassle. These platforms have the ability to sync your business data across the devices like your desktop, and your phone. Precisely, these platforms can be used for storing, synchronizing and sharing of files and photos, so that as business owners you can access them from any device or location. All of your employees are connected and got accessed equally as well. Interestingly, these platforms are 100% free or affordable.

You must need to use some kind of note taking apps, for example, Evernote, Google keep, or Notejoy etc. We are not recommending which one is the best suit for you. Evernote and Google Keep are both let users create and store audio notes or voice-to-text dictated notes, memos, checklists and images. Notejoy is good to take notes. The biggest difference is that, at least right now, Evernote is a much, much more mature app. Another app is good for small business owners, mostly business in transport industry, called Voxer. Voxer works on the move. It has the ability to translate your voice to text. All these technologies are easy to use and millions of users are using worldwide. As a small business owner, you might not have enough helping hands, so you need to use technology to become more efficient. Business owners - these five technologies you must consider without further due.

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